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Integrating your Security Solutions

CCTV Systems

Access Control System

Burglar Alarm System

Audio & Visual Systems

Installation of new construction & pre-existing sites, service &
troubleshoot system

Remote Support Availability

Troubleshoot Network Solutions

Burglar & Fire Alarm Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Gate Entry System

Communications & Regular Follow-up

Perform maintenance of security system

Proactive Solutions

Benefits of our Security System

Security Automation
The convenience of integrating your systems into one source!

Commercial Security
Providing safer and more secure environments with basic to more extensive security operations.

Access Control
Provides selective access and restrictive access to various locations and sites to add protection and security. Grant permissions, schedule access to specific areas, record keeping, reports, audits, security, safety and identification.

Burglar Alarms
Alerting responsible party of an unauthorized entry into a premises. Decrease employee theft, deter shoplifting, prevent unauthorized access, reduce cost of insurance premiums, avoid dishonest claims and incidents and peace of mind. Different systems and use of systems: Panic, noise maker, open/close supervision, remote services (automation).